Indigenous Skills Employment & Training (ISET) Program’s mission is to provide advisory services and assist the traditional Wolastoqey territory in New Brunswick. We strive to increase and enhance employment opportunities and access to services.

Assisting our member communities with partnerships to gain access to employment and training services and/or programs within the Federal, Provincial, and private sectors. We also assist, support, and promote the education, cultural and social needs of our member communities.

To fulfill our mission, we:

  • Identify and promote programs that are beneficial to the socioeconomic development of our member First
  • Provide capacity building and second level support to the First Nations in areas of health, education, training and
    employment, and emergency management.
  • Promote cultural awareness of our sub agreement holders and their membership.
  • Promote, establish, and maintain harmonious relationships with governments and the private sector to
    advance the interest of sub agreement holders First Nations, as it pertains to employment and training of
    their clients.
  • Operate and administer programs on behalf of the sub agreement holders
  • Carry out duties as may be required by the sub agreement holders First Nations.


To assist the Indigenous population of the Wolastoqey First Nation communities and share in Canada’s economic opportunities by the attainment, advancement, retention of meaningful & sustainable employment. With the ultimate objective of closing the employment, earning, and skills gaps between First Nations and non-Indigenous people of Canada.

To fulfill our vision, we:

  • ISET Program will support First Nations in developing employment skills by pursuing training for employment and long-term careers, and by recognizing their unique needs; and
  • To support and enhance capacity of First Nations service delivery organizations and structures to customize culturally-appropriate services to support their clients throughout the employment continuum by developing and improving skills and employment training.