The Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Program is designed to help Indigenous people improve their skills and find employment. ISET was launched in 2019, formally replacing the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (1989-2019). The new ISET Program builds on what was successful about Aboriginal Skills Employment Training Strategy and reflects what was heard from Indigenous partners to include:

How to weave throughthe ISET Program

The Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Program is designed:

  • To help Indigenous people improve their skills and find employment.
  • Provide greater flexibility for organizations to design programming to meet the
    needs of WTCI members & communities.
  • Provide a suite of skills development and job training, from essential skills such
    as literacy and numeracy to more advanced training for in-demand jobs.
  • Offer a range of wrap-around services (such as help with child care supports
    and transportation) while you’re training to achieve your long-term career goals.
  • To support and enhance capacity of WTCI Employment Training Officers to customize culturally-appropriate services to support their clients throughout the employment continuum by developing and improving skills and employment training

A co-developed program with Indigenous partners

Increased funding

More resources available for communities


Greater flexibility for organizations to design programming to meet their needs


A new distinctions-based strategy that recognizes, respects, and reflects Canada’s Indigenous peoples

Indigenous skills and employment Training


There are 5 Wolastoqey communities under our agreement- Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, Woodstock, Kingsclear, St. Mary’s and Oromocto First Nation. Each community has an Employment and Training Officer (ETO) responsible for the delivery of the ISET program in their community. All monies received by WTCI are distributed to the First Nations and support the following programs and services:


Training programs are designed and delivered to Wolastoqey clients. Training ranges from Workplace Essential Skills training, 3-year Community College programs, or Apprenticeship building.


All training provided to the client has the end goal of employment. There are a variety of options including – on the job training, summer employment for students, adult literacy courses, mentoring for high-demand jobs, on the job coaching/training.


Provided to all of our communities under the First Nations Inuit child care initiative. Currently all 5 of our First Nations have a daycare which is available to clients in training or employment interventions.


ISET Program Client Dispute Resolution Form. Available for download and print below:

Training and Workshops

The Wolastoqey Tribal Council Inc. occasionally hosts Skills and Training Workshops for members of its partner communities. Links to work samples from workshops and summits held in the past are linked below:

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