Request For Proposal –Wolastoqey Tribal Council Inc.
Emergency Management Plan(s)

Request For Proposal –Wolastoqey Tribal Council Inc.
Emergency Management Plan(s)

Deadline for Proposals: May 31, 2022.

The Wolastoqey Tribal Council (WTCI) consists of Madawaska Maliseet First Nation,
Woodstock First Nation, Kingsclear First Nation, St. Mary’s First Nation, and Oromocto Firs

WTCI provides capacity building programs and services to its member communities in the
areas of: Governance, education, training and workplace skills development, health,
emergency management, and workshops/event planning.
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The Wolastoqey Tribal Council (WTCI) is seeking proposals for the development of
Emergency Management Plans for all our communities. WTCI worked with a consultant and
developed Needs Assessment, Threat Risk Vulnerability Assessment and Way Forward
Document which will be available. It is expected the successful consultant will continue the
project with existing information from previous reports. We are seeking an experienced
Consultant to develop the Emergency Management Plans for the communities considering
the components of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.The plans
will include including Emergency Management Plan for the organization based on feedback
from key stakeholders. The successful proposal will need to demonstrate a strong track
record of success in developing Strategic Plans as well as experience working with First
Nation Organizations.

Emergency Plan development should include:
Identifying community assets.
Hazard identification and assessment.
Emergency resources.
Communication systems.
Administration of the plan.
Emergency response procedures.
Communication of the procedure.
Debriefing and post-traumatic stress procedure.

The final product of an Emergency Plan for each community is expected and each community will have
the plan including an electronic format for updating. It is also expected there will be individual paper
copies in binders of the entire community plan for each section of the community administration sections
such as Health Services, Child and Family, Public Works, Administration, Security, School, Finance, etc.
Required Items for inclusion into the proposal:
• Work outline and methodology
• Qualifications and demonstrated experience
• Cost and timing

Preference will be given to those organizations/bidders that show a willingness to build
capacity within Wolastoqey communities for example: hiring community members, giving back to
the community, volunteering in community etc. or can demonstrate how they build community
capacity in their everyday work.

Submissions are due on or before May 31, 2022, at midnight. No submissions will be accepted
after this date. The proposal selection will take place once financing is secured by proposal to
Indigenous Services Canada by WTCI and applicants will be notified of the decision.

Please send proposals to: Don.Stenger@WOLASTOQEY.CA with the Subject Line: “EM Plan”. Any
questions regarding this proposal can be directed to:

Don Stenger, Emergency Management Coordinator
506-459-6341 ext. 116 or 506-471-5313

t 506.459.6341 | f 506.459.0974